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FACT: People only hear 25-50% of what we say and they hear it within the first
2½ to 5 minutes of the communication. We offer the quality services in communication

Welcome to Mariam Adeyemi Company – "See your way forward" This is your one Company that takes care of business and personality.


How trust can influence your position

The strongest relationships, which allow the most influence simply for the asking, are built over time and have been tempered through hard times.

Understanding requires more exploration

To trust you with my well-being-personal or organizational-I need know that you to understand me. I need know that you to understand my goals, my values, my motivations, and what well-being is to me.

One of the keys to building and maintaining relationships

Hanging together during tough times-when budgets are being cut, when strategies are failing, when a promotion is at stake that only one of you can have-pays dividends.

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“I have over 30 contracts and out of all the subcontractors we deal with and there are over 200 of them, I have only one trusted partner, and that’s Mariam Adeyemi Company.”

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